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Here are some bands that I’ve recommended through my myspace blog in the past…not all of them, as by now some of them are HUGE, and it seems silly, ie-Muse, AFI, Spoon…just to name a few. I’m sure you’ve heard of most of these, but if you haven’t, get on it! Keep in mind these are all from over a year ago or before. At that time, Buckcherry’s CD hadn’t even gotten close to topping the charts, but since I love it so much, I’m so glad it did.

flyleaf.jpgI can’t take credit for it, but I fell in love with Flyleaf (thanks Bill). This is a hard rock band with a female vocalist that looks small, but could probably kick your ass. I wouldn’t mess with her. So much emotion in all the music on their self titled CD Flyleaf…sometimes angry, but always somewhat positive. One of those CD’s that you can listen to and be like “yeah, I experienced that once”. Although there’s a female vocalist, this isn’t music for pansies…she’ll make you rock hard, and then she’ll cool it off for a minute, and then be right back in your face. Think Evanescence meets Stone Sour. Although personally, I think her voice is a little Avril-ish. If you’re lookin’ for something a little softer and sweeter, check out “All around me”…AWESOME lyrics. If you wanna hear something harder, check out “I’m so sick” or “Fully Alive”.

Snow Patrol is next on the list. Eyes Open is such an emotional gutwrenching CD. Not so good to listen to after a breakup…trust me, I couldn’t. But now I love it. Great lyrics if you’re a lyrics person. Chasing Cars is my favorite song on the CD…one of those songs that just captures the moment…”If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world.” It has its somewhat depressing moments, but overall it’s very emotional (but not sappy, I hate that), but can be very uplifting. If you’ve gotten into the Fray at all recently, you’ll love Snow Patrol.

buckcherry crazy bitchBuckcherry’s 15 makes me want to rip off my clothes and dance like one of those girls in the ’80’s hair band videos. For those of you who have yet to hear the kick ass very derogatory “Crazy Bitch”, I am sorry. So the words are dirty, but it is so refereshing to hear nitty gritty rock again. Reminiscent of the days of old dirty rock, I just can’t get enough. Perfect CD for gettin’ ready for your Friday night. Though the CD is rock and roll all the way through, none of the songs are quite as over the edge as “Crazy Bitch”…which is a good thing. “Everything” is probably the most meaningful song and has some good emotional feeling behind it, but So Far, “Next 2 you”, and “Brooklyn” have some classic electric guitar riffs that’ll set you up right for a night out drinkin’ with the boys. Or, if you roll like me, a night out with your hot crazy bitches….

Morningwood…this is a given. I fell in love with their first single “Jetsetter”. Disregard the poppy “Nth Degree” and listen to “Take off your clothes” and you’ll see the appeal. I saw them live and it was ridiculous. I’ve never seen a girl with so much sexual energy and crazy antics on stage…although if I was on stage when I was 21, who knows what would have happened? Anyways, if you’re looking for some fun rock music with a crazy chick singer that has pop appeal, but is nowhere near pop, check them out. This is another CD that stayed in my car for about 2 weeks straight.

Nightmare of You…originally saw them on an MTV news segment…which is weird since MTV is like the anti-music channel. But they are another band that has some intelligent and poetic lyrics, and the lead singer’s voice is a bit like the guy from Hot Hot Heat, but he doesn’t sound so cracked out. Definitely different than a lot of what’s out there.

Rilo KileyRilo Kiley... I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of them yet since the song “Portion for Foxes” has been on every other movie and TV show for the past few years. 4 stars for their album More Adventurous. Kind of Jewel like voice and poetic lyricism, but with more of an indie rock/pop instrumentation…and not as sappy (except “I never” which is totally a love song reminiscient of the early 60s). My favorite song will always be “Portions for Foxes” which I think is just a wonderfully written song, but the rest of More Adventurous is just as good. I can’t seem to keep it out of my cd player. *Since I wrote this, I’ve also gotten a good listen to their new CD “Under the Blacklight.” This is indie pop at it’s best with a throwback sound that ranges from the 50s to the new millennium. “Dejalo” is one of my favorite songs as it is perfect for driving and singing (which of course go hand in hand), but “Under the Blacklight” and “Breakin’ Up” are equally as catchy. What can I say…Jenny Lewis’ voice and lyrics are addicting and she has a great band to back it up and mix it up.


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