Sixx:A.M. “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack”

Nikki Sixx rocks me into a music induced drugworld
This is the most dark, powerful and emotionally moving rock CD that came out in 2007. Listen to it from beginning to end and try to tell me I’m wrong. The album is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name which is a story written from the journal entries of Nikki Sixx while he struggled with heroin addiction. While I myself have never had a heroin addiction, you can almost feel the highs and lows of the addiction through the music. It’s definitely one of those CDs that you not only want to listen to from beginning to end, but you almost have to. The first two singles released “Life is Beautiful” and “Accidents can Happen” are definitely the most “radio-friendly”, but “Girl with Golden Eyes” is my personal favorite, which is about the struggle to overcome the addiction. The CD is full of hard rock melodies, the very emotional voice of James Michael, and dashes of Nikki Sixx’s narration. There’s not enough I can say about the genius of this album. Thank you Nikki, for cleaning up, and producing such a masterpiece that has become my new addiction.

Hard-Fi “Once Upon a Time in the West”

The best UK rockers since the Beatles
Okay, so that may be a little bit of an overstatement, especially since I also love the Kooks, but I fell in love with Hard-Fi on their first full length album “Stars of CCTV” which I picked up from Tower when they went out of business for about $4. What a great investment… Their old single “Cash Machine” originally got my attention on the radio, but somehow they remained relatively unknown. Their first two singles from their new CD are “I Shall Overcome” and “Suburban Knights” which are both good enough to get anyone hooked. This CD is great to listen to anytime and you could probably pull out any song and pass it off as a single. While they have a very unique sound, which I think is also very commercially appealing without being cheesy. British rock at it’s best, fo sho. Forget that Coldplay BS…I’d take the rougher, sexier music of Hard-Fi over them any day.

The Hush Sound “Goodbye Blues”

…And hello to the temptress voice of Greta Salpeter
So here’s my girly recommendation for the month. Although honestly, it’s just good music. The piano riffs on this CD are equally fun, catchy and well-written. I can’t bobbing my head, singing along, and smiling…this CD may be solely responsible for turning me soft (because you know, I’m so hardcore). Seriously though, the lyrics are well written, the melodies are addicting, and the singing is seductive. This band has come a long way from the days of “Wine Red” and sounds very polished and ready to make a splash in the music world. I definitely tend to like the songs with the female vocals rather than the male vocals, but overall, it doesn’t really take away from it. I’m not sure song is my favorite yet, but “Honey”, “Molasses”, and “Medicine Man” could all be hit singles. When this CD gets as big as Buckcherry’s 13 (with a different audience I’m sure), which I recommended almost 2 years ago, remember, RockAngel DOES have best music taste.


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