So it’s been a little while since I’ve recommended anything, but don’t for one second think I haven’t been absorbing every ounce of new music I’ve heard (and writing it down, because my brain cells die often).  This season, I think I have a little something for everyone…and these are SUPER independent, so bust these out and you can amaze all your friends on how indie you really are…even if you wear a suit to work and don’t like wearing black or flourescent colors.

Last Night’s Vice

Sour Apple Pop rocks candy for your ears…
Looking for some funky new rock music?  Originally heard from a free download on iChannel.fm, Last Night’s Vice are penetrating my whole RockAngel world. With hints of Head Automatica and Fall Out Boy with a drop of the Used here and there, they undertand how to be catchy, yet still original.  I’ve caught myself dancing in my chair at work to these guys…um, yeah, would be a little embarrassing, if I ever got embarrassed.  I can’t even imagine how fun these guys would be live…and mostly I don’t want to because they don’t seem to be coming to SD anytime soon..sad :(.   This St. Louis band isn’t signed yet, but you might want to get on it, because it’s only a matter of time before they are.  Maybe if you friend them now, you can even get a personal myspace message and be one of their top 3,000 friends (still haven’t hit that mark yet). “The Power Cosmic” was the free download I added to my newest mix, but so far, I haven’t heard anything I don’t like by these guys.

Daniel Wesley Band

West Coast Style, all the way…
Who knew a couple of guys from Canada could sound like they’re straight from San Diego?  If Daniel Wesley Band was a drink, they’d be Absolut “Pepper” with a splash of Pearl Jam.  I saw these guys at 710 Beach Club and was immediately impressed…and that was before they busted out their cover of Ginuwine’s “My Pony”, which does the song more than justice.   “Ooo, Ooh” has all the ingredients to hit it big on the west coast, and just might if our program directors had any real musical sense (I question it sometimes).  The chorus is one of those you just want to sing along to while you’re next to a campfire on the beach, beer in one hand…and I’ll let you figure out what’s in the other.

The Films

Crunchy guitars lace sexually charged “Strokes”-ish vocals…
The Films epitomize Indie Rock.  They have all of the fun of the British “Kooks” sound, just louder, and more rockin’.  These are songs you’ll want to sing along to at a dark bar in a shady part of town with 500 other scantily clad indie rockers.  Though melodically, there’s not a lot you probably haven’t heard before, their use conversationally sexual lyrics makes you feel like your clothes might be coming off sometime soon (reasons still may be unknown).  I’ve been a fan of “Belt Loops” for awhile, but am also really loving “Strange Hands”.  Maybe I just need to get my mind out of the gutter…or maybe you just need to get yours into it…


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16 10 2008
Last Nights Vice » Rock Angel reviews Last Nights Vice Dance Rock n' Roll - St. Louis MO Party Shows Video Blog press LNV

[…] I added to my newest mix, but so far, I haven’t heard anything I don’t like by these guys. Source Sitemap | […]

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