Tristan Prettyman- “Hello”

San Diego’s beauty…captured in a CD
Tristan Prettyman‘s sophomore album “Hello” is one of those albums you just know you’re going to love after one listen. Definitely from the feminine side of my love for music, but I haven’t even gotten through the whole cd yet and I’m already recommending it. “Blindfold” is pretty, but a little too slow for my taste, but “Madly” and “Handshake” are among two songs that I know I’ll be singing in my car all summer. Since “23”, Tristan has definitely kicked up her music style with the hint of an electric guitar and more upbeat melodies, and it works perfectly with her sweet seductive voice that encapsulates all of the laid back “coolness” of San Diego style.

My last three itunes purchases have been Tristan Prettyman, Jack Johnson, and Panic at the Disco and out of the three, Tristan wins hands-down. For anyone who was looking forward to Jack Johnson’s release, but was disappointed, check out “Hello”…you may just find what you’re looking for.

The Spill Canvas- “No Really, I’m Fine”

A band that doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t…
The Spill Canvas isn’t doing anything new…it’s not a sound you haven’t heard before…but that doesn’t stop it from being an entertaining CD. A lot of the CD is reminiscent of Dashboard confessional…but definitely less whiney and more electric. Think Dashboard Confessional meets Fall Out Boy. Nick Thomas has a a pretty amazing voice that can be extremely seductive at times, like in “Battles” (which is my favorite) and “Lullaby”.

The album in its entirety definitely has the feel of the music industry influence, but the lyrics are strong and meaningful and as catchy as everything is, it doesn’t really sound contrived. The vocals are full of passion that you can’t help but forgive the mainstream-ness of it all. Their single “All Over You” is splashed across music choice channels but I don’t think it’s quite hit the traditional stations yet…it’s just a matter of time though. Top 40 stations eat up this kind of radio-friendly emo and ya know what? I wouldn’t blame them on this one.

Ben’s Brother – “Beta Male Fairytales”

The UK brings us music that’s good for the soul, yet again…

bens brotherYou may recognize their song “Stuttering” from a commercial, but I assure you, Ben’s Brother is anything but commercialized. I’m not usually one for slow sappy sounding music, but “Beta Male Fairytales” is one of those albums that reaches deep down in your soul and doesn’t let go. The lyrics are truly poetic and the melodies may be slow, but that doesn’t equate to boring in any way. This is not the album you want to put on if you are getting ready to go out, but if you are relaxing at the end of the day and you just want to be serenaded, you’re not going to find a better album right now. “Stuttering” is the song that got them attention, but the lyrics of “Let me Out” are extremely relatable and “Live” is probably another single that you’ll be hearing a lot of. I personally love all the songs though; it’s definitely an album you can listen to from beginning to end. I’d say that this album sounds like the sophomore album that James Blunt should have put out instead of the crap he did. Also, be sure to check out their myspace page and see their first video. They had all of their fans send in videos of them singing and dancing to the song and the only thing that bugs me about it is that I just discovered them, so I couldn’t be a part of it. For more information about the band, go here.

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