Santogold – Santogold

Maybe the best album of the year…Think M.I.A. meets Tegan and Sara.  Sound weird?  Well, it is, a little.  I had some weird obsession with “Creator” even though everyone thought it was an M.I.A. song, I just couldn’t get enough of the electric riff thing at the beginning. Buying the album blew all my expectations away though.  Many times I found myself wondering who would let an artist make an album that was so all over the place…then I found out it was the same label with M.I.A. and Gnarls Barkley…thank god.  Just when I thought I could figure out Santogold’s sound, she throws me for a loophole.  Though you can’t deny the similarity of her sound to M.I.A., she definitely branches out a lot further.  Originality and creativity are all over this album, but there’s also a much softer side, like in “Lights Out”, which is featured in a commercial, rightly so, as it’s a happy little summer sounding song and in “I’m a lady”, which says indie pop…all the way.

I give it 4 and a half thongs because I don’t know that I can put it in the best albums of all time category, but it’s pretty damn intelligent and I absolutely heart it.  I’m not sure the average listener is ready for an album of this diversity, but if you’re looking for something different, something fun, and music that you constantly rediscover, be sure not to miss it.

“L.E.S. Artistes”- If there’s one song that can capture the range of her sound, this one would be it:


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