Panic at the Disco – Pretty. Odd.


Panic lost the ! …and I don’t just mean literally

I’ve come to the conclusion that when Panic at the Disco decided to drop the exclamation point from their name, they also lost the sort of energy that came with it. Although I know they did it because they were sick of being asked about it, I think symbolically, it marks the changpanic.jpge in their sound. I give “Pretty. Odd.” three thongs because I’ve listened to it probably over 10 times now and while I don’t dislike it at all, I still am not loving anything except their first single “Nine in the Afternoon.” I don’t hate listening to it though, so it’s been tough to decipher how I feel about it. I fully expected this CD to be different than “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”, but the thing is, I loved that album, even before MTV made Panic a teen heart throb band (if you dislike something because it’s popular, I think it’s just as bad as liking something because it’s popular). For those people that are comparing Panic at the Disco to the Beatles (“Behind the Sea” is probably the reason for that comparison)…I don’t necessarily agree with that. They have definitely moved more in that sound direction and away from the electro-pop sound, but I don’t see anyone confusing the two in the future. To me, they sound more like Nightmare of You , especially on “From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins”

I have to give the band credit for making some very thoughtful and original sounding music…”Mad as Rabbits” is my guess for the next single as it has the same feel as “Nine in the Afternoon”. These guys have no lack of talent or originality and I would probably be more disappointed if they put something out that sounded just like their last album. The album is made of well-crafted music, and it does kind of grow on you, but I can’t get addicted to it, and to me, addiction = a higher thong rating. I would say if you’re on the bridge, the CD is worth buying, but when you listen to it, keep in mind that this is a new band, this is not the Panic that swept America by storm a few years ago. I guess the biggest thing working against this album is that their last album came out first. Listening to it with a blank slate in mind should win anyone’s respect, but it just doesn’t win more than 3 thongs in my rockstar book.



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17 04 2008

I’m around 3.5 thongs. I think they did lose a certain poppiness that I too, have to admit, I adored. Their sound on fever was refreshingly new but still catchy. The album also progressed well from song to song. After hitting replay however, I have listened to the album enough to hear musical qualities that I wouldn’t dance around in my thong with a brush and sing out loud to, but liked. I think as the band matures they’ll find a sound that is somewhere in between. At least they didn’t pull what the Killers did.

By the way–am I the only one that hears a hint of the Hush Sound in “Nine in the Afternoon?”

17 04 2008

I can definitely hear a hint of the Hush Sound in “Nine in the Afternoon”. I think that touring together can definitely have an impact on a band’s sound. I think the same thing happened when Hoobastank toured with Incubus…which I am very thankful for, for Hoobastank’s sake. I thought it was very evident on their latest album “Every Man for Himself”

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