MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

A band of a different era…and planet

What do you get when you cross Prince, Spoon, Radiohead and a lot of psychadelic drugs? That would be MGMT. Their song “Time to Pretend” made a big splash on the radio waves, and the originality of that song somehow pushed it to popularity. I admit, getting the whole CD was bit of an impulse move, but I expected that it would at least be something different than most of what I’ve been hearing lately, and I was right about that. It’s hard to put a finger on their sound because it really changes pretty dramatically from song to song, but one thing’s very different. They get 3 thongs for creating something extremely original and very musically interesting, but they don’t get more, because it’s a little too out there for me to want to listen to the whole CD, and honestly, sometimes it gets a little annoying. However, there are a few good singles that I’ve found myself hooked on, including “Electric Feel” which is probably my favorite and really does sound like Prince was in the studio with them, and “Kids” which sounds like an 80s synth overdose and has the same kind of appeal as “Time to Pretend”.


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