Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

Not Jack Johnson’s best work…to say the least…and this is coming from someone who regards “In Between Dreams” as one of my favorite albums of all time. This album works for one thing, and that’s background music. Unfortunately for me, I pre-ordered it on Itunes; I guess I’ve learned my lesson on that one…a 30-second sample of each song would have probably told me all I needed to know. While the lyrics are very touching and meaningful in true Jack Johnson style, the melodies are boring and forgettable. There are a few good songs on the CD which include “If I had eyes”, and “Sleep Through the Static”, (which reminds me of his first album) and there’s definitely a few more songs worth throwing on a playlist…the problem is, the few interesting songs are trapped amongst half of an album of songs that all run together. I’m sure people will disagree with me on this one, but those people are boring. If you’re looking for an album to fall asleep to, this is your album, however, if you’re lookin’ for something to throw in the CD player while you’re cruising along the beach watching the sunset & checkin’ out the surf, go back to “In Between Dreams”.


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6 04 2008

yeah its not my fav. there is one song I like… “What You Thought You Need”. reminds me of Mai Tais and Hawaii. You’ll see what I mean when you go to the Wuchels wedding.

6 04 2008
17 04 2008

I did not actually buy this album, since the review I read was not stellar, and when Jack was asked about the dark undertone to the album he responded that he was in a rough place due to the death of a friend. Upon reading “dark undertone” and “Jack Johnson” in the same sentence, I decided to pass. Most of my JJ listening occurs on happy sunny days or at the beach & BBQs, so it sounds like the pressure is on G.Love to keep that happy sunny music coming.

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