Counting Crows – Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

The best album of 2008…so far…
“Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings” is not only accurately named, but also exceptionally executed.  This is the first full length album from the Counting Crows since “Hard Candy”, and definitely, just as good, and in my opinion, better.  Much of the album has the feel of a drunken Saturday night spent rocking out in a dive bar

Counting Crows

and forgetting all your worries.  A lot of fun, rockin’ upbeat tunes such as “1492” and “Los Angeles” (which is my favorite, as it references delicious fish tacos at the end) start off the album and by the end, there is a sense of Sunday morning regret when all the worries of life suddenly hit you.  Maybe I’m reading too much into the theme of the album, as I’ve recently been through quite the breakup, but it reminds me of that period when you’re heartbroken and searching for that connection that you once felt. Partying the pain away on Saturday and having the weight of the world fall on you Sunday morning, or possibly amongst the party that is going on around you.  Though it can be somewhat depressing at moments due to the deep emotion behind it, it also has some lighthearted songs that will keep you rockin’ all summer.  This album is full of great guitar riffs, meaningful lyrics, cohesiveness and diversity…and thank god, they didn’t decide to give in to a “new sound” when they had something solid.  It’s probably not in my top five favorites of all time…but so far this year, it is in my top albums of 2008.


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