2008 “Chilly” Mix

“Superstar”    Lupe Fiasco
“Special”    Company Josh Kelley
“Nine In the Afternoon”    Panic At the Disco
“I Shall Overcome”    Hard-FI
“Grown Woman”    Mary J. Blige & Ludacris
“Rich Girls”    The Virgins
“A-Punk”    Vampire Weekend
“The March”    Astra Heights
Starz In Their Eyes”    Just Jack
“Tell You, I”    Schaeffer
“King & Queen”     Wyclef Jean (feat. Shakira)
“Going Through Changes”    Army of Me
“Hut”    Everything is Energy
“All Over You”    The Spill Canvas
“Try It Again”    The Hives
“The Cruelest Joke”    Paper and Sand
“Eleanor Rigby”    Louis XIV
“Everything Is Average Nowadays”   Kaiser Chiefs
“Hold the Door”    Armor for Sleep
“Die Alone”    Ingrid Michaelson
“No One”    Alicia Keys


One response

6 04 2008

Why is it that I hear “Superstar” I think of you?!?! Hummm…..

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