2007 Summer Mix

Created in July of 2007…Rilo Kiley’s song is the new song from their upcoming album. I couldn’t be more excited about for that to come out. “Young Folks” has definitely become the Summer 2007 song. You can’t help but be in a good mood when you hear it. If you’re looking for a singer/songwriter love song, I threw a great one on at the end, and don’t be fooled by the song by Maroon 5…give it some time and it breaks out into this killer guitar riff (it’s an unreleased song from their newest album). I don’t even think Oh, Juliet is signed…yet another discovery from purevolume.com. A Change of Pace is a little indie band, but the song “Weekend Warriors” is perfect for anyone who knows how to party and rock out, like me…

“All The Churches In New Orleans” Oh, Juliet!
“Kiwi” Maroon 5
“Rehab-Remix” Amy Winehouse ft. Jay-z
“The Underdog” Spoon
“The Moneymaker” Rilo Kiley
“The Shake (Awful Feeling)” My American Heart
“Crushcrushcrush” Paramore
“Weekend Warriors” A Change Of Pace
“Into Action” Tim Armstrong
“She Moves In Her Own Way” The Kooks
“White Lines & Red Lights” Between The Trees
“Bleed It Out” Linkin Park
“Curse of the Curves” Cute is what we aim for
“Icky Thump” The White Stripes
“Knocked Up” Kings Of Leon
“Young Folks” Peter Bjorn and John
“Bottle It Up” Sara Bareilles


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