RockAngel goes to Coachella 2010…here are the bands you can’t miss

1 04 2010

That’s right!  This year I am going to Coachella and when I’m not dancing my butt off, or getting myself backstage (fingers crossed!), I’m hoping I can share some of the musical magic with you via super-advanced genius technology (otherwise known as my new HTC Droid smartphone) and my Social Networking sites…Twitter & Facebook.  If you haven’t connected with me yet, what are you waiting for?  It will be like you are right there with me…minus the thousands of screaming fans, extreme desert weather, and numerous adult beverages.

Until then…here’s a little preview of some of the lesser-known (maybe?) bands I’m really looking forward to seeing this year…

At the top of my list, there’s Florence & the Machine…my vote for the top album of 2009 and one of my favorite new artists.  New girlcrush?  Maybe…I’m a sucker for a girl in a sparkly dress who can sing her ass off (as I discovered watching Metric last weekend).

“You’ve Got the Love”…

Next up is the XX…I missed them when they came to The Casbah in San Diego and I was soooooo bummed!  At least I get to make up for it at Coachella.  I’m not usually big on minimalist simplicity but I find the seducing vocals impossible to resist.

Check out “Crystalised” below:

I’ve get a little 70’s chill in my bones when I hear Gossip and “Heavy Cross”.  The energy of this song and the band in general is undeniable.  I have a feeling I’m gonna be seriously rocking out to this one…

“Heavy Cross” – Gossip

Yes, I have already seen MuteMath, but that just makes me more excited to see them again.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a band put so much physical energy into a show (even AFI)…pretty sure their shows require months of physical training.  Another one of my favorite albums of 2009, they really lured me in with “Spotlight” (below), but the rest of the album is just as good (in case you were wondering).

If you haven’t jumped on the As Tall As Lions bandwagon, you better get with it!  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this band and I can’t wait to see them for myself.  I have a feeling that their song “In Case of Rapture” is going to be one of those songs that uses it’s live energy to unite the crowd…or that’s what I’m hoping at least.

Another band that’s gonna keep the crowds dancing is gonna be Hockey.  Their whole album is high energy and I’m hoping their live show will be too.  I can feel myself dancing already…

Here’s “Too Fake” from Hockey:

Recently I’ve just gotten into Portugal. the Man and their new album is caressing my eardrums in just the right way.  I have no idea what to expect from the show, but I am loooving their song “The Dead Dog” from American Ghetto.

If you’re going to Coachella this year, I hope the preview just added to the excitement.  For those of you that won’t be here, I’ll keep you posted via Twitter and Facebook, so add me 🙂

Oh, and it should go without saying that I’m super stoked to see the rest of the lineup like The Temper Trap, Jay-Z, Them Crooked Vultures, Muse, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Little Boots, White Rabbits, Iglu & Hartley, Camera Obscura & Matt & Kim…just to name a few.  I’m so excited I might pee (let’s hope not though, gross).

Until then…keep rockin’…


New music from Cold War Kids, Lupe Fiasco, The Temper Trap and more…

21 01 2010

Looking for a few new jams to tickle your musical taste buds?  Check out a few singles that I’ve been diggin’ lately.  No better birthday present than good music (that’s right, RockAngel is 28 today!)

Cold War Kids – Audience…If you’re a fan of Cold War Kids, this is sure to please.  Pretty catchy…they have that Indie vibe beatin’ hard in this one…

Next up…Lupe Fiasco with Solar Midnite from the Twilight New Moon soundtrack.  This hip-hop star brings his talents to a rock beat and he kills it!

If you haven’t heard yet, Paper Tongues are making quite the splash and their song “Trinity” is one of those that just sounds like an instant classic.  Haven’t quite figured out their sound from their singles so far but this is one of those songs I could hear again and again and never get sick of…

Ready to get real indie-electro?  “I go I go I go” by the Wave Machines takes a minute to get to the chorus, but once it does, I love it.  Don’t be put off by the beginning, make it to the end and it gets pretty catchy…

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard “Sweet Disposition” by the Temper Trap (500 days of Summer and all the drama shows on ABC) but their song “Fader” is what’s been rocking my world lately.  I just can’t help but to smile and get pumped up when I hear this…another instant classic in my mind…

And to be sure not to let their treadmill video define them, Ok Go makes another visually stimulating video.  Warning-it might make you feel like you are on drugs…(and btw, the song is pretty kick ass too)

O.A.R. at House of Blues…a little taste of East Coast style in San Diego

10 02 2009

If you know me, you know I get pretty excited to see any kind of live music.  But last night I was more excited than Ryan Seacrest at a Pride parade..that’s because I finally got to see one of the defining bands of my college years- O.A.R. People who live on the East Coast just won’t understand, because they roll through those towns a few times a year, but it is rare that O.A.R. makes in into southern California, and more specifically, San Diego, EVER.  Believe me, I watch the live music lineups that come through, and it’s been quite awhile.  Needless to say, seeing their name on the House of Blues lineup made me so excited I couldn’t contain myself.  I’ve been listening to their Live from Madison Square Garden album in a pretty consistent rotation in the last few months…and I don’t listen to live albums really, but this is an exception.  You can’t help but to smile and feel a sense of nostalgia listening to the live energy…or maybe it’s just my east coast roots, either way, it beats the hell out of any of their studio albums.

So on to the show…

He was jammin!

He was jammin'!

Getting downtown on a Wednesday by 7 was not the easiest task, but I knew Eric Hutchinson was opening, and we all know how much I adore his music.  Somehow, by the grace of the music gods, we got there just in time, and as he sang his first words, I felt immediately justified in my urgency to be there on time.  He sang with as much soul live as I’ve heard on his album and the band was sharp.  You could tell he just loved what he was doing since he was so into it, and that feeling translated into the audience.  Most people weren’t familiar with his music, but once he started going, he had the whole crowd clapping and singing along.  When he broke into “You Don’t have to Belive Me”, I was the happiest girl in the world.  Everyone started dancing, a few of us were singing along, and everyone was having a great time.  I could have left after and been satisfied, but much to my delight…

Eric told the crowd he’d be back by the merch table if anyone wanted to come meet him.  Of course we went back there, and were about 15 people back from the front.  Luckily for us, he decided to make us the front of the line, so we ended up being the first to meet him. He was very polite, super laid back, and extremely grateful for every compliment we paid him…which of course included me telling him he’s really got something special and he’s gonna blow up…and that I’ve been rocking his CD for months and it was one of my favorite of the year.  Maybe I sounded like a 13-year old girl at a New Kids concert, but I thought he should know that there are some fans out there who came to see him as well as OAR.  I think I maintained myself ok though, and then we got our pictures, got a ticket signed, and let him meet the rest of the girls who also adore musicians (even ones they don’t know).

Eric Hutchinson...they dont grow guys like this in SD

Eric Hutchinson...they don't grow guys like this in SD

Now for the main event…

O.A.R. takes the stage, and the crowd gets superamped.  Can’t quite remember the first song, but I know that “This Town” was one of the first ones, and you could just feel the positive energy in the air.  It’s one of those songs that just makes you feel at home.  For a crowd full of East-Coasters (like myself), it was some of the most laid back people I’ve seen.  I’ve always said that being at a live show is one of the only times when I feel like I’m truly living in the moment.  Every note, every beat, and every word that came out of Marc’s mouth floated through the evening and filled the room with a sense of nostalgia, and in a way, a sense of life…how it’s supposed to be lived.

Marc and the band...doin what they do best

Marc and the band...doin' what they do best

As the night went on, O.A.R. mixed it up with some of the oldies but goodies like “Hey Girl” to which the crowd sang along to every word, but also some of their new stuff like “Livin’ in the End”, which seemed to be surprisingly popular given that it’s a newer song (guess everyone else probably loved the live CD too).  O.A.R. will always be best remembered for their old jam-style music, but when you see them perform their new stuff, you can’t even hold “Shattered” against them.  Sure, it’s sell-out-radio-friendly music, but it still has a way of creeping in to that place where you stop hearing music, and start feeling it.  I don’t think there was a single song that you didn’t see at least 75% of the crowd singing along to. Unfortunately, during Shattered, their voice comes through a little more than the band’s, but here’s a vid if you’re interested:

O.A.R. continued to make their way through the night, slowing it down a bit, and then rockin’ again.  They of course do the “we’re done for the night” fakeout…which no one bought, because we were all very aware that they haven’t played possibly the most popular song from colllege campuses about 5 years ago…”Crazy Game of Poker”.  So of course they came back out, and performed about a 15 minute rendition of it and totally jammed like the O.A.R. we all know and love.  If this doesn’t remind you of every house party you went to in college…then you never went to one on the east coast, that’s for sure.

Here are the rest of the pics from the show…

…keep rockin’…

A few recent concerts

17 09 2008

It’s been a little while since my last post, so today you get a two for one special.  I have been fortunate enough to see some fantastic music lately, and I thought I’d share a little taste with you.

IMG_5411.JPGOn August 23rd, Soco had its annual free music festival.  Every year, my intention is to go and check out ALL of the music…but every year, somehow I am dragged away by intoxicated friends and end up only catching a band or two.  Well, this year was no different, but lucky for me, the band I got to see was Grande Ole Party.  Grande Ole Party is a local San Diego band that has been making some waves in the music community for quite some time now, but still has yet to hit mainstream.  Think Heart meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with the female lead also playing the drums…yes, the drums.  And yes, she is as badass as she sounds.  This is a band you have to see live to really appreciate the sound.  Want a taste?  Luckily for you, I just started a youtube account, so here’s a little peek of what I got to see (for free!) the day of the festival (pardon the camera work, it’s a little shaky):

So the next show I saw, I have been excited about for months. I bought two decent seats with a hefty “not so convenient” charge and because of some glitch in the system, ended up with 4 free lawn seats too.  $150 for 6 tickets to Maroon 5 and Counting Crows, not so bad I guess….except that when we all got to the gates last Saturday, they notified us that Counting Crows were not performing due to some kind of voice malfunction so we could get our money back, or just watch Maroon 5.  Well, being the huge Maroon 5 fan that I am, I opted to see the show anyways.  These tickets just seemed a lot pricier all of a sudden though.

I’ve always said that the biggest downfall of Maroon 5 is that they are so popular and so played out.  I guess it’s not a downfall for the band that’s raking in the cash, but it sure does kill any rocker cred they may have hadIMG_5915.JPG, and probalby deters a lot of people from seeing a show that they’d otherwise be blown away by.  I’m going to try to leave my undeniably huge crush on Adam Levine out of this, but let me just say, he sure knows how to sing his way into a girl’s panties..or heart…or wherever it is he wants to be at the time.  The sexual undertones of their music were only amplified in their live show, and the energy is indescribable.  You may not think of Maroon 5 as “rocking out”, but let me tell you, they do.  Their drummer killed it all night and the guitars were raging through all the hits as well as a few unexpected covers like “Purple Rain”, which is the song they left us on, after the encore performance of “Harder to Breathe”.  Adam’s voice was sounding clear as ever and the emotion of the band resonated in the crisp San Diego air of the Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre.  By the end of the show, I was even more in love and even more proud of this band that I had discovered even before MTV did.  Here’s a little taste of what we saw:

So those are my music ventures for the last month.  Next weekend is Street Scene!!  I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and give a full review and rundown next week.  Stay tuned, and keep rockin’…

Supersexed Brit-electro-pop – my newest recommendations

11 07 2008

I’m sure many of you out there listen to Pandora.  If you don’t…where the hell have you been?  I used to rely on this internet radio station to refer me to a lot of new music, based on an artist, or even a song I like. But today, I was very unpleasantly surprised…I typed in 3 bands in a row that Pandora couldn’t find…really?? I know more about music than Pandora?  Good thing there’s…who knew all 3 of them.  If you don’t have it, go there, sign up, and listen.  This is how I recently discovered my new love for Brit-pop-rock and supersexed electro-pop.  I’m not sure that those are real genres, but you whatever they are, they rock my world.

Because of my newest affair with,  I’ve discovered a plethora of new bands that have hit hard in across the seas, but have no name over here.  The bad side, is that they don’t seem to feel the need to tour the states just to please me, but the good news is, I have found some absofuckingfabulous music.  A few you may recognize are CSS with “Music is my hot hot sex”…apparently from an Apple commercial fall of ’07 and the Ting Tings (pictured above) who have just hit big with “Shut up and let me go”.  If either of these tickle your music clitoris, here are a few others to check out: (which PS, will be on my next mix, due out next week..)

The Wombats:  “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”  This band rocks my fucking world.  The Kooks are just the tip of the UK iceberg…there’s so much music over there that  I’m developing a new obsession with… check it out:

The Hoosiers: “Cops & Robbers”.  Please note that their song “Worried about Ray” caught my ears on my last mix.  The more I hear from these guys, the harder I fall.  The Hoosiers are the perfect Uk summer catch.

Islands: “Creeper”…if Canada serves no other purpose, it is to bring us this fabulously original, odd, spunky & funky music by a band that goes by “Islands”.  “The Arm” was on my last mix, and didn’t really make any sense from me, but I was drawn to it like a drug.  No video…but check out this song.  These guys are going places…

The Script: “We Cry”. This song is much more of a kind of R&B meets rock kind of deal.  Apparently they are Irish, well I’ll kiss them any day if they keep making music like this.  Trust me, you’ll hear this on the radio.

Soho Dolls : “Stripper”  Now that’s the epitome of supersexed brit electro-pop.  I don’t know what’s up with my music taste lately.  Guess my hormones are in overdrive.  I find this pleasantly satisfying though…no this isn’t my usual rocking out music, but it’s damn sexy, that’s for sure.

Hope you find something you like.  This is the music that’s rocking my world lately.  I’m eating it up like a fat kid eats cake (thanks 50).

A whole new take on “Umbrella” by Rihanna

24 04 2008

This video explains it all…don’t even ask how I ended up finding this…it was a long stream of events.  This video is a little weird, a little funny…but for some reason, really makes me want to download this song.  Does anyone know where I can get it? (It’s by Vanilla Sky)

This version is way better than both of the Plain White T’s cover and Mandy Moore’s cover…not to mention, the video is way more entertaining.