Basically, I rock. And if you step into my world, you might just rock too…

I heart Halloween

I'm part Star-Gazer

I’m a rockstar who wasn’t blessed with musical talent.  Originally a semi-southern girl from the backwoods of VA, I finally found my place after college in beautiful Sunny San Diego. I currently do freelance graphic design consulting and some occasional copywriting. One day my dream of being a rich multi-media mogul and highly paid music critic will come true. Until then…I blog.

I seem to be a good promoter of bands that I love, so what better site to design than one that showcases my fabulous design skills as well as my insanely wonderful music taste. You can agree or disagree, but if you find at least one new band that you like, buy one more CD that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise, or see one new show from visiting my site, I will feel that my life is complete.

Of course I’ll let you in on who a few of my favorite bands are so you can judge me by my music taste. That’s how I judge people at least…that, and their CD collection, or nowadays, their Ipod. So here are a few band that top my list…Unwritten Law, Kings of Leon, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, Flyleaf, The Used, The Temper Trap, Florence & the Machine, Trevor Hall, Modest Mouse, Morningwood, The Sounds, Muse, My Chemical Romance,  Rilo Kiley, The XX, Gossip , Sublime, Dave Matthews…just to name a few.

More about me…hmmmm…my hair has been every color except green…my pink wig is one of my favorite accessories, but unfortunately not usually appropriate..fortunately, my old work let me die my hair half pink.  My favorite ways to spend money are on music, travel, and electronic devices….I can’t live without my laptop and ipod, and I take my camera everywhere I go (currently on my 7th one…don’t ask) because I truly believe that someday, someone will find my pictures and think I was famous, and because I like everyone else to know how awesome everything I do is…I am good at most things-except modesty, obviously…I say that I am the coolest person ever, but I would never think that I am better than anyone else…I have very sensitive tear ducts, so it’s not my fault I cry at every movie and TV show…my goal in life is to make enough money to travel often, entertain often, and have unlimited access to music because those are my favorite things in life…I feel like I am from Socal, until I meet people from here,mardi.jpg then I know that I’m from VA…I love food, so I have to work out, or I’d be 400 lbs…I don’t eat land animals, but only because they upset my stomach…I love cooking, and wine, and vodka, and many other spirits for that matter…I rock at flip cup…I live by the beach…I live with 2 hot roommates and one crazy bitch (really…she is a female dog-Bella) and my favorite little man (cat) Jack. I rock out-hard, so hard that sometimes I am sore after concerts…And I may appear to be harmless, but cross me, and I can be quite feisty.

Please contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, want to send me free music (I highly recommend this), or anything else. This web site is purely subjective, so if you hate a band on here, or think my ideas are completely ridiculous, leave a comment and then make your own web site to rant about it. Otherwise, happy surfing…


5 responses

29 03 2008
Medium Bill

Well done. I’m proud of you.

18 10 2008

Who is that hot rock star you found for your “About” page? She clearly has “IT”. Seriously though, you do have a talent for making your reader feel like they are at the show, now I’m sad that I missed all these recent ones that you told me about. Keep up the good work NB!

18 10 2008

I heard about this hot upcoming band, the Buzzkills. They are playing at Hennessey’s on Saturday, November 8th. You should blog about them.

20 10 2008

The Rock Angel Rules!

12 12 2009
Enjoymusic T-shirts

I love music lovers like you.

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