Coachella…ella…ella…the 2010 festival review – Day Two

26 04 2010

Coachella…day two.  Ouch.  Despite the aches running from my feet into my calves from standing and walking entirely too far, I am up bright and early.  Something about good live music gives me unexplainable energy.  Portugal. The Man was on at 2:15, but I would be delusional to think we would be able to rally the group to get there on time to see it.  Coachella lesson #4: Bring bikes.  That is the best way to travel, hands down, as long as you can physically ride the bike at the end of the night (which is sometimes questionable).

The girls decided we wanted to get there earlier anyways, so we aimed for The Temper Trap at 4.  I was NOT going to miss this.  We headed out early, and luckily for us, they had fixed the line situation and we were there in plenty of time to see the Temper Trap (and even grab a beer beforehand).

The girls at the Temper Trap

So the Temper Trap comes on…and they sound pretty much exactly like their album.  It was a pretty perfect way to start the Saturday (much better than Friday).  It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but they sounded good, the sun was shining, and I was on my way to a great night of music.

The girls made their way over to White Rabbits, but I opted to stay (alone) since I had seen them.  I felt ok about this.  After making their way through all my faves, including Fader (this song just makes my heart dance), I couldn’t be happier, so I headed over to check out the White Rabbits just in time to see them do about 3 songs, including “Percussion Gun” which they just kill on the live stage.  I must say though…I did enjoy them a lot more from the dark small room at the Casbah in SD, where their energy pretty much overtook everything.  The daylight had a bit of a dimming effect I think.

White Rabbits on the Coachella Stage

So far, Saturday is winning.  We have time to grab a few more beers before heading over to the tents to check out Gossip.  I wish I could have seen Edward Sharpe or Band of Skulls, but when everything is going on at the same time, you’re forced to pick and choose…you just have to know you can’t see everything (bummer).

If there is one band I wish I would have stayed longer for…it’s Gossip. That girl can sing!  And the energy was just fantastic!  We rocked out for a few songs and then learned lesson #5…at some point, you must sit down, or your feet will fall off.

Sitting seemed to fit right in with the XX so we walked over to the grass and sat nicely by the fence with some random famous people that I didn’t recognize but someone else did.  Have I mentioned that the weather was perfect?  And the band was perfect for relaxing in the grass…definitely a pretty chill sound, but the downtime was needed.  I wandered around the area for a bit looking for friends until I gave up and decided that sitting on the grass for an hour was all I was going to do and the XX was the perfect music for that.  We were happy, and we loved Coachella.  And we were feeling pretty good, so we started to reeeeeaaaly love Coachella.

Our friends ended up running into us just in time to chill for a minute before Hot Chip came on and got our dance party started!  Not usually my kind of music, I must say, I was pleasantly blown away.  The sun had started to set and we started off the night dance-party style, rocking our way from “Over and Over” to “Ready for the Floor”.  I’m not sure we stopped once.  Maybe once.  But maybe not.  I am a new Hot Chip fan.  Who knew?

Next up on the Coachella stage was Muse.  But for now, it was Faith No More…so we opted to grab a few beers before heading out to center stage to catch what we were sure was to be a good show.  And yes, it definitely was!  Muse will never disappoint. They play every song like it’s their finale…seriously.  I thought it was the last song like 5 times, then realized they just played FOREVER.  Ok, not forever, but for a long time…and we were all pretty stoked about it.  The intensity in Matthew Bellamy’s voice is nothing less of an emotionally moving experience.   Muse’s albums are great. Their lives shows are ridiculously fantastic, I think we were close to music OD for the day.

Muse on the Coachella Stage

But we perservered on…or tried to.  We walked over to the Z-trip tent…but were somehow distracted and confused by a big light structure which we sat and looked at for awhile, and complained about not hearing any actual Z-trip.  Oh wait…so you have to go IN the tent to hear it?  Ah, I see…ooops.  After being split up, our friends found us again.  I probably should have opted for Dead Weather, but was kinda feeling some DJ music by this point.

As we tried to make it to the last of the shows, the boys we were staying with decided that we needed to hurry or we were going to be left behind. Not wanting a repeat of the previous night, we booked it out of there.  Definitely wishing we had bikes at this point as when we got back to the car (bitter from being torn away from  music) we discovered our boys had invited some very unattractive girls to hang out in the car and there was not room for us (we are missing 2 many DJ’s & Tiesto for this???).

F them.  We found our girl friend and drank in the car for over an hour until we made our way out of the parking lot.  It sucked, but at least we got the liquor, and more importantly–the chips–from the boys before we left them.  Lesson #6…do not park in the parking lot if you drive.  Park half a mile away in the would literally have saved us 2 hours of waiting.

Finally back at the house…maybe around 3 am?  We were pretty annoyed at the boys, but nothing that a few beers couldn’t fix.  And then it was to bed…in preparation of Day 3…the final day of the festival…ahhh…Coachella…




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