Coachella…ella…ella…the 2010 festival review – Day One

21 04 2010

So my first year of Coachella has come and gone, leaving me in a state of musical-withdrawal.  There were definitely some organizational issues, and some moments of serious frustration, but in the end, the negative energy falls away and I take with me the memories of amazing music, amazing friends, and an experience that I will never forget. Here’s a rundown of Day 1…

View from the poolThe first thing I learned was…getting there a day early is perfect.  The calm before the storm is absolutely necessary.  Just make sure you don’t party too hard before the festival. Luckily, the thought of music is an instant hangover cure for me and I rallied to the cause nice and early.  The weather outside was perfect..not too hot, and the view is absolutely amazing for a music festival…or just a nice weekend getaway in general.  The mountains…the palm trees…the sunsets…now we just need the music…

So then we all pile into the car and find a back way into the festival.  Parking was easy, we’ve got 30 minutes before the first band we want to see, so we should be set right?  Wrong.  The second (and most important thing I learned)…Get there early the first day… or you might be stuck in line for 2 hours and miss the first 3 bands you planned to see, including Hockey…only to walk in and hear your friends say “Wow, we just randomly walked by this band Hockey and had to stop because they were SOOOOO AWESOME!  We’ve never heard of them, but what a great show”.  Thanks…please add some salt to my wounds. At this point I was thinking “I am never coming back here.  I want to cry…”  But I don’t give up.

So after a throwing a few back (as my previous shots of Jameson were rendered useless after the line incident),  my musical experience started with Passion Pit, who I’m not an insanely huge fan of, but at that point, hearing any music was pretty awesome.  They did put on a good show and I have to give the singer props for reaching such high notes.  I’m thinking they may have been better in a tent instead of on the Outdoor Theatre stage, but I was already starting to feel the music curing my bitterness.

After Passion Pit, it was back to the beer garden. This time we went to the one between the two big outdoor stages (Coachella & Outdoor) and wandered over–margaritas in hand– to see Them Crooked Vultures from inside the garden.  This supergroup is definitely deserving of the title as they pretty much killed it.  Yes! Finally rocking out!  Although at this point the group was split up and no one’s phone was working but mine (yay Sprint) so meeting up with anyone was nearly impossible.

Next it was back for more margaritas and then back to Coachella stage to watch LCD Soundsystem…of which I know maybe 1 song?  By this time, it didn’t matter.  The lights were crazy, the crowd was dancing, and their energy was so amazing, I was oblivious to anything else.  I could feel magic of the festival setting in and the more I danced, the less I cared about anything other than the music.  We had some fun people dancing around us and I remembered why I love live music so much.

Yes…more margaritas, and now heading over to Vampire Weekend at the Outdoor stage, where we made some friends and chilled out for a moment.  I noticed immediately that the sound from the beer garden was terrible for this stage.  VW was pretty good, but Jay-Z was almost on and by this time, we were ready for some Jigga…

After 2 steps we lost our new friends, but somehow found our other ones in the Sailor Jerry Beer Garden, plus even more new ones (Coachella is a great place to meet people, then lose them 30 minutes after).  The crowd was ridiculous by this time and if you weren’t literally holding on to your friends, they disappeared.  By this time I was tired of the beer gardens and wanted to be in the crowd so I made my way out with a new friend into the massive crowd and didn’t think twice about leaving my ride home…ooops.  What can I say?  I heard Jay-Z come out and memories of the last 10 years of my life pulled me out to the sea of people.

Now Jay-Z is pretty badass…he’s definitely been around for awhile, but he’s a hip-hop artist and, well, I honestly didn’t expect that much, as I don’t think most people did.  He didn’t have to get through 2 songs for me to realize that this was going to be one of the best performances of the weekend.  He didn’t need a huge posse on the stage to show us that he really is a musical legend of our generation.  He did what he does best, which is to simply be badass, and everyone loved him for it.  Everyone was dancing, everyone was singing, and no one wanted it to end…which is probably why he just kept on going.  And I really don’t think anyone minded.

Beyonce Singing "Forever Young" with Jay-Z

Just when we thought he was done, a very familiar voice walked on stage in jeans and a hat singing “Forever Young”.  Who is that anyways?  Oh, shit, it’s Beyonce!  Love her or hate her, it was a pretty awesome surprise and just the icing on the cake to an already amazing performance.  What better way to end the night than to a crowd singing “Forever Young” with Beyonce and Jay-Z?  After being thoroughly danced out, I decided it was probably a good idea to walk back over and try to find my friends.  Amazingly, they appeared in front of me as we walked away…sweet!

So now that we had all long forgotten about the hassle of getting in and ended up having a pretty awesome first day at Coachella, it was time to head back to the house.  It’s too bad that our friend who had the keys already took off home in a cab.  25 calls to her phone didn’t wake her up.  FML.  We honestly had no idea where we were going. Plan of action…walk towards the house until we can find a cab.

Important lesson #3-cabs only pick up from selected areas of the festival, and none that were en route to our house.  FML…again.

3 miles later, after walking back around the entire festival and then towards our house, the bitterness had returned.  Thank God some random local picked us up and drove us the last 2 miles.  At this point, my calves were going to fall off and I had grown extra skin to shield me from the chilly wind.  Beer in hand as soon as we walked into the house…check.  Finally making it to bed at 4:30 AM…guess we are going to have to learn to live without sleep for the next 2 days…




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3 11 2010
Pretty Women ·

it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much *

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