RockAngel goes to Coachella 2010…here are the bands you can’t miss

1 04 2010

That’s right!  This year I am going to Coachella and when I’m not dancing my butt off, or getting myself backstage (fingers crossed!), I’m hoping I can share some of the musical magic with you via super-advanced genius technology (otherwise known as my new HTC Droid smartphone) and my Social Networking sites…Twitter & Facebook.  If you haven’t connected with me yet, what are you waiting for?  It will be like you are right there with me…minus the thousands of screaming fans, extreme desert weather, and numerous adult beverages.

Until then…here’s a little preview of some of the lesser-known (maybe?) bands I’m really looking forward to seeing this year…

At the top of my list, there’s Florence & the Machine…my vote for the top album of 2009 and one of my favorite new artists.  New girlcrush?  Maybe…I’m a sucker for a girl in a sparkly dress who can sing her ass off (as I discovered watching Metric last weekend).

“You’ve Got the Love”…

Next up is the XX…I missed them when they came to The Casbah in San Diego and I was soooooo bummed!  At least I get to make up for it at Coachella.  I’m not usually big on minimalist simplicity but I find the seducing vocals impossible to resist.

Check out “Crystalised” below:

I’ve get a little 70’s chill in my bones when I hear Gossip and “Heavy Cross”.  The energy of this song and the band in general is undeniable.  I have a feeling I’m gonna be seriously rocking out to this one…

“Heavy Cross” – Gossip

Yes, I have already seen MuteMath, but that just makes me more excited to see them again.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a band put so much physical energy into a show (even AFI)…pretty sure their shows require months of physical training.  Another one of my favorite albums of 2009, they really lured me in with “Spotlight” (below), but the rest of the album is just as good (in case you were wondering).

If you haven’t jumped on the As Tall As Lions bandwagon, you better get with it!  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this band and I can’t wait to see them for myself.  I have a feeling that their song “In Case of Rapture” is going to be one of those songs that uses it’s live energy to unite the crowd…or that’s what I’m hoping at least.

Another band that’s gonna keep the crowds dancing is gonna be Hockey.  Their whole album is high energy and I’m hoping their live show will be too.  I can feel myself dancing already…

Here’s “Too Fake” from Hockey:

Recently I’ve just gotten into Portugal. the Man and their new album is caressing my eardrums in just the right way.  I have no idea what to expect from the show, but I am loooving their song “The Dead Dog” from American Ghetto.

If you’re going to Coachella this year, I hope the preview just added to the excitement.  For those of you that won’t be here, I’ll keep you posted via Twitter and Facebook, so add me 🙂

Oh, and it should go without saying that I’m super stoked to see the rest of the lineup like The Temper Trap, Jay-Z, Them Crooked Vultures, Muse, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Little Boots, White Rabbits, Iglu & Hartley, Camera Obscura & Matt & Kim…just to name a few.  I’m so excited I might pee (let’s hope not though, gross).

Until then…keep rockin’…




4 responses

2 04 2010

First up- so jealous that you are going to Coachella- second, yes, Florence and The Machine- amazing- she is absolutely massive here is Britain. Have you heard The Drumming Song? Check it our on YouTube if not… one of her best.
Enjoy the music and the desert!


12 04 2010

Thanks Krista!
Florence and the Machine is probably the band I am most excited to see. It’s my first year at Coachella so I have no idea what to expect besides great music!

6 04 2010

Sick post and an amazing read..great bands too. This is my first trip to Coachella and I’m super jacked….I have a feeling you will be in rare form that weekend…

12 04 2010

Rare form…definitely. My first time too, Wednesday can’t get here soon enough!

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