“Get on your Boots”…U2 gives us a preview of their new album due out in March

2 02 2009

There’s no denying that U2 is one of the biggest bands in the world…and they’re up to some new music making for 2009. By now, they pretty much can poop out a hot single. They’ve been putting out hit songs for so long that Billboard may as well just reserve a spot in the top 40 for their new single “Get on your Boots”.

So what’s my take on the new single? (you can listen here) After first listen, it’s catchy as hell, after the third listen, I’m still liking it (who listens to songs 3 times in a row? Um, yeah, that’s me). Just when you think you’re bored, they switch it up, and then bring back in the crunchy guitars and switch it back. I can definitely rock out to this one for awhile.

Since it’s U2, and it’s such a big time in politics right now, you’d think it would be a song that’s making a politically charged statement right? Wrong. This is the song we all need right now…a fun little jam that doesn’t make you think too much.  Check it out. What are your thoughts?




One response

3 02 2009

At first I didn’t like it. But the more I listen to it, the more I totally dig it! It reminds me of songs off Achtung Baby back in the early 90’s! It just took me a couple of listens to appreciate it again! So…I give it 2 thumbs up and it appears in my Itunes picks this week! 🙂

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