My Friday night with Scott Russo…and the rest of Unwritten Law

8 01 2009

If you know me at all, you know the one band I’ve seen more than any other is Unwritten Law…and unless I am out of town, I will go anywhere, anytime they play.  Sure, the music is great, but I’m not gonna lie, there’s not much in life that beats watching Scott Russo perform on stage. I hadn’t been in awhile, so I was all about the all-local San Diego bands show at House of Blues on December 19th.

We got there in time to see the opener who I can’t remember because they were pretty much another generic punk band.  They were ok I guess, but it wasn’t really my thing, and one of the guys was sporting very unusual facial hair (one of those superlong skinny beard things that only old Asian masters can get away with) and I just couldn’t get past it.

The next band – Buckfast Superbee – is fronted by a friend of ours who also works at firehouse, so there was a great crowd there to support them.  I had never heard them live before, but after this show, I was really glad I was able to experience their music live.  They have a similar style to Unwritten Law, so of course I was all about the music, but on top of that, the energy and execution were amazing.  They really rocked the stage with a lot of passion, and it was the perfect appetizer for the upcoming delicious entree, aka-  Unwritten Law.  You can check out their newest CD here, or their myspace here.

We skipped out for Sprung Monkey for the sole fact that I’ve seen them before, and drinks at House of Blues were expensive, so we wanted to grab a couple at The Local before Unwritten Law took the stage.  We got back in just in time, and didn’t miss a beat.

Scott Russo, rockin the Fedora

Scott Russo, rockin' the Fedora

So here comes Unwritten Law and my biggest musical crush-Scott Russo. To my surprise, he’s rocking a much more laid back style.  I would normally object to my favorite rockstar giving up eyeliner, but if there’s one thing I love just as much as eyeliner on rockstars, it’s a well-worn Fedora hat.  And believe me, Scott wore it well.  But besides his style, the band really killed it (again) on stage.  They kept up the energy and the crowd sang along to pretty much everything.  I can always count on UL to rock from beginning to end, and tonight was no exception.  The highlights of the show included Scott ditching the guitar to work the mic and work me into a musical orgasm….and the adorable cameo by Scott’s son, who is the epitomy of a San Diego kid with his surfer-ish bleach blonde hair.  Is he a rockstar in the making?  Well, it’s probably a little too

Scott Russo and the soon to be rockstar

Father/Son Duet

early to tell, but seeing the father/son duo on stage was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen at a rock concert.  Yeah Scott, you really know how to work the ladies.  And Unwritten Law…you’ll never get enough credit in the mainstream, but San Diego has nothin’ but love (and crazy fantasies) for you.

See all the pics HERE

Here’s a little taste of the Russoliciousness….




2 responses

22 01 2009

Did you see Scott perform at the Mickey Avalon show? Pretty odd combination, but Scott totally rocked it. If you missed it, he did an acoustic solo set for about 20 minutes.

29 01 2009

Sadly to say, I did not get to see this. I wish I had known! I did see Mickey Avalon at Aubergine awhile back, it was a pretty fun time, perfect for a Friday night out.

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