You think Britney Spears music is torture?

17 12 2008

Surprisingly, it’s not, but NIN, AC/DC and Eminem all are.  Who would have thought? What on earth am I referring to?

The Associated Press reported last week that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were being tortured by being forced to listen to the same music at insanely loud levels for 16 hours straight a day.  This forced many of them to go mad and literally lose their minds.

This has come to light now because musicians are banding together to demand that torture using their music be stopped.  Can you blame them?  I’m not one to get political, but what the F**K is our government/military thinking?  What musician would be okay knowing that their music is being used to TORTURE people?  Not only that, but our military is literally ruining perfectly good music…way to take the brilliance of an artist like Trent Reznor and tarnish it by driving people mad.

Now I understand these prisoners are not innocent bystanders…obviously…they were detained for a reason.  But why use something that is the heart and soul of so many people for something so terrible?  No wonder these artists are banding together.  This is probably the worst news that any artist could get.  Can you imagine?  “Hey Trent, I was in Guantanamo Bay and we used your music to drive people insane and cause them to smash their head against the wall until they knocked themselves out so they wouldn’t have to listen to them anymore.”  That’s gotta hit you where it hurts.

I don’t think it’s arguable that the artists are absolutely in line for demanding that this be stopped.  But what I’m wondering is why did they have to use music that would otherwise be good?  I would think they’d have better luck forcing someone to listen to Pussycat Dolls or Lil Jon for hours on end…that would drive me crazy for sure…

…kidding.  I think this is extremely sad news for the music community and I hope this sort of torture (and all others for that matter) are shut down now that the public is getting wind of it. I’m behind our troops 100%, but whoever is responsible for this kind of behavior needs to be forced to listen to the new Hillary Duff album until they drive their head into a pretty little pink wall.

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2 responses

18 12 2008

hmmmm…I would never consider music as a form of torture, even if it is terrible. So many horrible things that we can do to one another and this is the best they can come up with? Very odd. But I agree with you. Why not do away with torture altogether?

19 12 2008

I thought it was hilarious that the first possible related post was Hanging Tough.

“But what I’m wondering is why did they have to use music that would otherwise be good? ”
It’s probably more psychologically scarring to never want to listen to NIN again than to never want to listen to some one hit wonder. This kind of torture makes me feel like they are breaking them for answers they want rather than answers that are true. Can you imagine being so psychologically tortured that you’d never want to listen to music again?

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