2008 – New Music Recommendations for the holidays

3 12 2008

The holidays are here, and in full effect.  What does that mean for your ears?  Well, if you’re shopping, it means you have to listen to classic songs like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Claus is coming to town” remixed, and sung by 20 different teenyboppers who not only sound the same, but make you want to stick knives in your ears.  But if you stay away from the malls, I’ve got some tunes to get you through this season, and keep you jammin’ through the winter.

Fundamental Elements – The Cycle We’re Living In

Fundamental Elements

Fundamental Elements

Funky little Indie band that’ll go down smooth…
Fundamental Elements is an Indie band from St. Louis, often played on iChannel.fm that just keep getting better.  “The Cycle We’re Living In is an easy listen that has tastes of Maroon 5 & G.Love, but much smoother and more organic.  The tunes are catchy, the voice is smooth, and the dash of funk will get your head bobbin’.  They also slow it down for the ladies…which is nice, but also kinda sappy.  Fast forward through those songs though, and I promise, your ears will love you.  The first two tracks are my favorites.  Check out their myspace, or listen below:

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Eric Hutchinson “Sounds Like This”

Let your soul flash back to the 60s…
Singer/Songwriter seems to have this scary stigma to it lately, and rightly so, as much of it sounds the same

Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson

and most of it is so sappy it makes me want to puke.  But if you wanna hear someone bringin’ the blues & funk back to the genre, check out Eric Hutchinson’s “Sounds Like This”.  I’ve been trying to compose my top 10 list for the year, and I’m not gonna lie, after about 5, I can’t think of anything that stands out…until I heard this.  I can see him up on stage, singin’ his heart out, while the chorus backs him up, the crowd claps, and the whole house is jammin’.  “You don’t have to Believe Me” will grab your ass and make it shake, while “Rock & Roll”, has radio hit written all over it.  Check out his myspace, or check out the album below:

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5 responses

3 12 2008

Oh, and PS…Eric Hutchinson is opening for O.A.R. when they come to House of Blues – SD in January.

3 12 2008

Good stuff! I am downloading some of Hutchinson’s stuff right now. you should also check out Will Hoge and Marc Broussard. They seem to be right up your alley! I just finished a review of Girl Talk. I’m sure you’re way ahead of me on this, but his stuff is like sugar candy for me! I can’t get enough!

4 12 2008

I listened to Marc Broussard back in the day. I remember reading about his new album but haven’t listened yet. I’ll add it to my queue on lala. Thanks!

10 12 2008

ohhh I like this…alot. Going to DL some stuff now….

21 12 2008

Eric Hutchinson’s great! I heard this CD a couple months back and loved it.. it’s still in regular rotation in my car. He’s great live, too. If you can get out to see him you should!

~ Paul A. Ab-Dul

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