Looking for the next great band to come out of San Diego?

6 11 2008

EndoxiLook no further…Although I was exhausted from a long week of football, elections, and birthdays, I went to 710 Beach Club last night to see Endoxi who I’d previously seen at the Acoustic Alliance show at Brick by Brick.  Originally awed by the fact they had a sax player–who absolutely kills it, btw–I was equally impressed by their stage presence and catchy melodies.  Two guys-Chris and Joe-managed to not only capture the attention of limited Wednesday night audience, but also thoroughly entertain us into singing and clapping along, all the while amazed at the level of talent that stood before us at one of my favorite local bars.

Chris’ voice is smooth and confident and radiates a maturity way beyond his years.  Joe’s harmonization is a is just as perfect of a compliment to Chris as his sax playing skills. But what really sets them apart from all the dreamers in San Diego was the ability to really connect with the audience…in their music and in between songs.  They seemed so comfortable and so happy to be up there, that you couldn’t help but feel like they are your friends that have let you in on their jam session.  The potential I saw last night was something that really struck me, and if you are in the area, and can check them out, I’d highly recommend it.  I got their CD last night and have been jammin’ to it all morning.  If you’re slugging through the workday, check out their myspace for a little music pick me up…and don’t be afraid to say hi.




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