My favorite day of the week…

28 10 2008

Sure, Fridays and Saturdays have the whole “weekend vibe” going for them, and Sundays are filled with football for 6 months out of the year, but the best day of the week for me is still Tuesday.  Why, you ask?  Three words-New Music Tuesday!!!  And thanks to my Lala, I get to listen to the all the new CDs once for free before I decide if I want to buy the web download or mp3.

Snow Patrol A Hundred Million SunsSo what’s on the soundtrack for today?  For starters, we have Snow Patrol’s new album “A Hundred Million Suns”.  “Eyes Open” was pretty amazing, so they have some big shoes to fill.  So far so good though.  I’m so excited to get through this album, I just might pee.  But I’ll hold back…cause that would be really gross actually.

Bloc Party IntimacyNext on the menu is “Intimacy” from Bloc Party. I go back and forth with these guys as far as how much I love them, but I go into everything with an open mind, and they are, if nothing else, original. Plus, their album cover is way hot, and ahem, intimate, let’s hope the CD is as well.

The third one that caught my eye is “Off with their Heads” by the Kaiser Chiefs.  I tend to only like a few singles from their CDs but who knows, maybe this one will be different.  I’m still excited to see what they have in store.

The Cure 413 DreamAs if my earbuds weren’t tickled enough at the thought of all of this…The Cure came out with their long awaited “4:13 Dream”.  Now that every other band out there is starting to sound like them, it’ll be interesting to see what their new album brings.

Oooh..and did I almost forget Chiodos?  It’s technically not an entirely new album, they just revamped their last album with about 6 new tracks (two accoustic).  I haven’t heard them yet, but I’m drooling just thinking about new Chiodos music-the best screamo band out there.  “Bone Pallace Ballet – The Grand Coda” probably won’t be appropriate for work, but I don’t let work get in the way of good music.

So there’s the new music rundown for you.  Anyone else have any recommendations on new CDs that have come out lately?  I’ve been jammin’ to Jenny Lewis’ new one “Acid Tongue” and now can say that her voice has tempted me into a full on girl-crush…something about that voice of hers (she’s the lead singer of a favorite band of mine-Rilo Kiley-for those of you who are unfamiliar.  I’d highly recommend checking them out).

So stop giving weekends all the credit and let’s start celebrating Tuesday, and all the musical presents it brings to our ears!!  And let’s hope that these gifts are the ones worth keeping.




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28 10 2008

FYI … Myspace Music is featuring the new Snow Patrol album for $4 today … I guess they do a new album daily. Must have some sort of deal with Amazon (love cross marketing) because that is where it takes you …

You can just burn me a copy since I found the deal 😉

3 11 2008

Aside from what you’ve listed above could you name three albums that are must haves? They can be old or new. Just something that is so overwhelmingly genuine that I’ll get totally lost in it.

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