San Diego Acoustic Alliance Show

27 10 2008

My usual Sunday routine of watching football until the sheer joy of it causes me to pass out (joy, or beer perhaps) was thrown for a welcomed loop when I made plans to see an extremely talented musician and friend Erick Macek for a local all accoustic showcase of sorts at Brick by Brick.  The “Accoustic Alliance Show” as it’s named, is put on by

As their site states:

“The Acoustic Alliance Series gathers 12 songwriters who share the stage and trade the spotlight to perform 3 of their best songs ‘in the round’.

Presented in a candlelit ‘story teller’ format featuring 3 sets of 4 different artists, this show has run every few months since 2004 and has featured over 200 of San Diego’s finest acoustic songwriters. “

This sounds like a fabulous idea.  Why haven’t I gone until now?  Well, 12 unsigned local acts could be a recipe for disaster…luckily for me, this musical recipe was absolutely delicious.  I was amazed at the level of talent and entertainment that filled the venue, not to mention, the level of intimacy that the setting provided.  I felt like I had my own personal invitation to a private jam session of the highest ranks.  The musical diversity was also quite impressive.  Everyone really brought a different type of sound to the show and sometimes, even played together, which was like a cherry on top of my musical Sunday (get it?  I’m so witty…ha).

photo courtesy of Lauren Hillary
photo courtesy of Lauren Hillary

All of the acts were impressive in their own way, but of course I had a few favorites.  Although my opinion is somewhat biased, Erick Macek brought a great energy to the show, and by the end of his set, had everyone singing along…which was-for lack of a better word-awesome.  I was also quite impressed with Steph Johnson who has a Norah Jones meets Colbie Caillat kind of sound…one of those voices that just really stands out and leaves its musical mark (full lineup here).  I’m also becoming a big fan of Endoxi…the sax gets me every time.

Although it kept me up past my usual Sunday bedtime, a groggy Monday morning is a small price to pay for such a unique experience.  I have no doubt that many of these performers are going to make it big one day, and I’ll be able to be one of those cool people who “knew them before they got their break”.




One response

28 10 2008

You forgot to mention the Ephraim Sommers dude in the green shirt whose voice could melt the panties right off any unsuspecting girl. This guy has the mysterious vibe thing down fore sure and super reminiscent of Eddie Vedder. I really can’t tell you a word of his lyrics because I was so giddy about the deep rich tone of his voice and trying to keep my pants from falling down while he was performing (hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this blog) but I’m sure they were introspective and thought provoking all the same. He really does define that “Je ne sais quoi” in music that just puts you in sheer awe of his talent. Endoxi was the other one I thought was super impressive. I, too, am a fan of a sexy sounding saxaphone but what impressed me more was the perfect harmonization of their voices which I can only best describe as angelic. I also liked Steph Jones who had a very unburdened smooth jazz tone to her voice that reminded me of a less bitter version of Fiona Apple meets Nora Jones. Although she themed her songs around nothing much deeper than “boys suck”, you wouldn’t even know it because her voice is purely capturing. Last but not least, I want to give Eric Macek props who really does outshine anyone else on stage. You can tell he’s been doing this a long time and has all the talent and professionalism that one needs to make it in this business and all he needs is that one big break. He could easily have one of his songs be in the intro to some young adult show on the CW channel.

Looks like Acoustic Alliance at Brick by Brick happens every 2-3 months. I’ll be catching the next one fo shizzle.

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