Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s – Music for the Soul

14 10 2008

Normally, going out on a Wednesday is not really my thing (I like my day job and would like to keep it), but there are 2 things that keep me up past midnight, and one of them is live music…I’ll leave the other to your imagination.  The funny thing is, no matter how tired I am…and I was last night…as soon as I hear the first note to a Margot song, something inside me wakes up and all of a sudden, I’m wide awake and dreaming.  Last night was no exception, and being front and center at the Casbah – the perfect little dive venue – only made things better.

I showed up last night with 3 of my girls and when we got there, the first band- Judgement Day– had just started.  We really weren’t quite sure what to expect as there were only 3 instruments on stage, and none of them were guitars…there was a violin, a cello, and drums…and that’s it.  As the violin started to play and the hard drum beat kicked in, I started to realize that these guys were rocking out!  I mean, hard.core.rocking.out…in the strings section…hmmm, very interesting.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long before we made our way to the center of newly formed crowd and proceed to rock out…to an instrumental band. I know you may be skeptical, but have you heard of Apocalyptica?  It’s the same kind of idea, but no guest vocalists.  And I didn’t even miss the vocals, the melodies were just that intriguing.  I promise, if you saw them live, there’s no way you could walk away and not be impressed…really makes me wish I would have kept up with the violin from 4th grade.  I could be rocking out millions by now…or at least rocking the Casbah (ha ha…lame wit amuses me).

The second opening band was pretty forgettable…in fact, I don’t remember their name even. So on to the important part…the part where my roommate and I made our way to the front of the stage and stood there while the band set up. The microphone fell while they were setting up, and my reflexes wanted to reach out and save it -we were that close- but I thought maybe that’d be inappropriate.  While we were waiting, we checked out some of the stage decoration…which included some animals (appropriate, for the new album name)…though we weren’t entirely sure what kind.  There was a half owl/half ram, some kind of half pig/half rodent, and something else that my roommate said was a llama, but looked way sneakier than that.  Oh, but I digress…

So the lights went out, the crowd went crazy, and off they went…the 10 of them on stage (they picked up some extra members, including Judgement Day).  The started with a few songs from their new album…kinda slow, to ease the crowd into it.  Richard was literally an arm’s length away and I almost felt weird staring at him while he sang since we were so close, but I did anyways, because his voice is captivating, full of emotion and well, just f’n sexy.  Throughout the show they went back and forth between their old “hits” (I played them a lot at least) and their new album and my roommate and I stood there like kids who saw the real Santa Claus.  Skeleton Key came on and the crowd went crazy.  Imagine…10 musicians, jammin’ on stage…moving you like you’ve never been moved.  Violins, sound machines, bass, guitar, drums, and whatever the Casey plays.  Speaking of Casey…never before have I been so entertained by the movement of someone on stage.  You’ll have to see it to know what I’m talking about, the facepaint was a nice touch also.

As they played, I floated on Cloud 10 (which is way above cloud 9) and lost myself in the music.  Margot has a way of intoxicating you to a musical high with way more pleasure than any actual substances would give you.  When they first pretended to be done, we all knew it wasn’t happening.  They’re going to leave without playing “Quiet as a Mouse?”  I think not.  So they came back for an “encore “(like it was a question) and played “Dress me like a Clown” and of course, closed with “Quiet as a Mouse”, which is the most amazing song to be played live…ever.  Their culmination of sound remains unmatched…as does any other live music experience.



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3 responses

15 10 2008

Beautiful rendition.

Margot is one of the minority of bands who still compose music, and I love them for that. Their melodies are reflective of the lyrics and vice-versa. You literally feel the emotion in the music (although not emo in the “slit-your-wrist” sense).

Beyond the well-composed songs are nine musicians (true in form), who love to perform, rounding out the band to quite frankly one of the best comprise of musicians this genre of indie-loving labels will put out.

PS (cut to:high school) – I was definitely a little turned on by the face paint! 😉

17 10 2008

nicole your writing continues to amaze me

18 10 2008

Great review… I saw margot haphazardly and thought they rocked, you can really sense some emotion in their music which makes it all more the beautiful.

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