A few recent concerts

17 09 2008

It’s been a little while since my last post, so today you get a two for one special.  I have been fortunate enough to see some fantastic music lately, and I thought I’d share a little taste with you.

IMG_5411.JPGOn August 23rd, Soco had its annual free music festival.  Every year, my intention is to go and check out ALL of the music…but every year, somehow I am dragged away by intoxicated friends and end up only catching a band or two.  Well, this year was no different, but lucky for me, the band I got to see was Grande Ole Party.  Grande Ole Party is a local San Diego band that has been making some waves in the music community for quite some time now, but still has yet to hit mainstream.  Think Heart meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with the female lead also playing the drums…yes, the drums.  And yes, she is as badass as she sounds.  This is a band you have to see live to really appreciate the sound.  Want a taste?  Luckily for you, I just started a youtube account, so here’s a little peek of what I got to see (for free!) the day of the festival (pardon the camera work, it’s a little shaky):

So the next show I saw, I have been excited about for months. I bought two decent seats with a hefty “not so convenient” charge and because of some glitch in the system, ended up with 4 free lawn seats too.  $150 for 6 tickets to Maroon 5 and Counting Crows, not so bad I guess….except that when we all got to the gates last Saturday, they notified us that Counting Crows were not performing due to some kind of voice malfunction so we could get our money back, or just watch Maroon 5.  Well, being the huge Maroon 5 fan that I am, I opted to see the show anyways.  These tickets just seemed a lot pricier all of a sudden though.

I’ve always said that the biggest downfall of Maroon 5 is that they are so popular and so played out.  I guess it’s not a downfall for the band that’s raking in the cash, but it sure does kill any rocker cred they may have hadIMG_5915.JPG, and probalby deters a lot of people from seeing a show that they’d otherwise be blown away by.  I’m going to try to leave my undeniably huge crush on Adam Levine out of this, but let me just say, he sure knows how to sing his way into a girl’s panties..or heart…or wherever it is he wants to be at the time.  The sexual undertones of their music were only amplified in their live show, and the energy is indescribable.  You may not think of Maroon 5 as “rocking out”, but let me tell you, they do.  Their drummer killed it all night and the guitars were raging through all the hits as well as a few unexpected covers like “Purple Rain”, which is the song they left us on, after the encore performance of “Harder to Breathe”.  Adam’s voice was sounding clear as ever and the emotion of the band resonated in the crisp San Diego air of the Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre.  By the end of the show, I was even more in love and even more proud of this band that I had discovered even before MTV did.  Here’s a little taste of what we saw:

So those are my music ventures for the last month.  Next weekend is Street Scene!!  I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and give a full review and rundown next week.  Stay tuned, and keep rockin’…