Supersexed Brit-electro-pop – my newest recommendations

11 07 2008

I’m sure many of you out there listen to Pandora.  If you don’t…where the hell have you been?  I used to rely on this internet radio station to refer me to a lot of new music, based on an artist, or even a song I like. But today, I was very unpleasantly surprised…I typed in 3 bands in a row that Pandora couldn’t find…really?? I know more about music than Pandora?  Good thing there’s…who knew all 3 of them.  If you don’t have it, go there, sign up, and listen.  This is how I recently discovered my new love for Brit-pop-rock and supersexed electro-pop.  I’m not sure that those are real genres, but you whatever they are, they rock my world.

Because of my newest affair with,  I’ve discovered a plethora of new bands that have hit hard in across the seas, but have no name over here.  The bad side, is that they don’t seem to feel the need to tour the states just to please me, but the good news is, I have found some absofuckingfabulous music.  A few you may recognize are CSS with “Music is my hot hot sex”…apparently from an Apple commercial fall of ’07 and the Ting Tings (pictured above) who have just hit big with “Shut up and let me go”.  If either of these tickle your music clitoris, here are a few others to check out: (which PS, will be on my next mix, due out next week..)

The Wombats:  “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”  This band rocks my fucking world.  The Kooks are just the tip of the UK iceberg…there’s so much music over there that  I’m developing a new obsession with… check it out:

The Hoosiers: “Cops & Robbers”.  Please note that their song “Worried about Ray” caught my ears on my last mix.  The more I hear from these guys, the harder I fall.  The Hoosiers are the perfect Uk summer catch.

Islands: “Creeper”…if Canada serves no other purpose, it is to bring us this fabulously original, odd, spunky & funky music by a band that goes by “Islands”.  “The Arm” was on my last mix, and didn’t really make any sense from me, but I was drawn to it like a drug.  No video…but check out this song.  These guys are going places…

The Script: “We Cry”. This song is much more of a kind of R&B meets rock kind of deal.  Apparently they are Irish, well I’ll kiss them any day if they keep making music like this.  Trust me, you’ll hear this on the radio.

Soho Dolls : “Stripper”  Now that’s the epitome of supersexed brit electro-pop.  I don’t know what’s up with my music taste lately.  Guess my hormones are in overdrive.  I find this pleasantly satisfying though…no this isn’t my usual rocking out music, but it’s damn sexy, that’s for sure.

Hope you find something you like.  This is the music that’s rocking my world lately.  I’m eating it up like a fat kid eats cake (thanks 50).