Best Albums of 2007…has the whole world gone Indie?

8 04 2008

I’m about to get shot in the land of Indie rockers and music bloggers everywhere, but I don’t care…they can all bite me, or start shit with me online…that’s always fun (anyone see the girl who just got knocked the f*** out for talking shit on myspace?)

Anyways, I’ve been checking out a good number of music blogs lately and there are a few trends I’ve noticed in the “Best Albums of 2007” lists compiled on these sites. One of them is the appearance of Radiohead’s latest “In Rainbows” in the top 5. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Radiohead period, but their older stuff is unarguably good music, even if I don’t really feel like listening to it. This album however, did not leave much of an impression on me. Maybe you have to be sitting in a dark room getting high to appreciate it…I’m not sure, but I know that I was super stoked to have a new CD to listen to for the day when I’d have to be driving from San Diego to Irvine and back, and while I kept it on repeat the whole time, I just couldn’t get into it. Original? Yes. Different? Definitely. But one of the best albums of 2007? No. I just don’t see it. I actually almost fell asleep in the car so I had to put on something else. Maybe him and Jack Johnson should do a collaboration of songs to sleep to…now we’re on to something.

Rolling Stone actually dropped In Rainbows down to #6 but puts M.I.A. at the top. So what do I do? I buy the M.I.A. CD…I mean, how could I not, it was #1 in one of the biggest music publications in print right? Again, definitely original, definitely different, but really, #1 material? I do appreciate the originality and use of different sounds, and don’t get me wrong, I liked “Kala”, but I wouldn’t put it near #1.

All of these rankings have led me to a new belief…rock and roll is dying. I mean good, hard, rocking music that you can feel and understand and listen to for hours and really rock out to. And actually, I don’t even mean that. Rock and roll isn’t dying, but moreover, the appreciation for it is. In a country where there is so much music that sounds the same (ie;emo, powerpop), I can understand the need for something with a different sound, but just because it sounds different and usually weird, and sometimes annoying, does that make it better than a good solid rock album? I guess opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, so here’s mine. I’ll take a good rock album like Sixx AM’s “The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack” or Chiodos’ “Bone Palace Ballet” any day over M.I.A, Radiohead, or Bright Eyes. But I guess that’s why they call me”Rock”Angel, and not “I’m trying to be Indie so I listen to weird music”Angel.




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17 04 2008

I wholeheartedly agree with the you. The future of music is bleak at best. The new Radiohead album, Tom’s solo album, Trent gone solo with sound….It’s nice to hear something different, but with the rise of accessibility to so many musicians and genres, what distinguishes just plain weird from different with a great sound?

I thought indie was a safe haven for people who like real music as opposed to mass produced pop hits. It’s turning out to be a trendy catchall for bands who mimic the last “the” band with a top 40 hit. Where are the Margot’s and the Cold War Kids–the indie bands who have a unique sound that doesn’t cause my ears to bleed?

Keep writing the reviews and saving me some money. In the meantime, I’m disregarding genre and spending more time on PureVolume listening before I buy.

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