Hangin’ Tough

4 04 2008

new kids on the blockOh yeah, that’s right, the original boy band also known as “New Kids on the Block” have reunited (full story here), and yes, that is them on the left (first picture in 14 years apparently). Finally…I can sleep at night and all will be right with the world. Seriously though…I mean, really? Is that necessary? I guess they don’t have anything better to do anyways, I mean, Jordan and Joey made some good music afterwards…PSYCH! Yes, I just said psych…may as well keep it old school.

So the New Kids on the Block news normally wouldn’t find its place on the Rockangel music page, except for the fact that NKOTB holds a very special place in my heart. And yes, here on this very public platform, I am going to reveal my deepest darkest secret…my very first concert ever was none other than the original boy band comprised of Jordan, Joey, Donny, Danny, and Jonathan. It feels so good to get that off my chest…okay, well not really. It is actually quite embarrassing, but funny and somewhat ironic since I consider my music tastes very refined now 😉 But now that I’ve told you, you can’t hold that against me, I mean, I was only in second grade and I would have also gone to see Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row and Alice Cooper had my parents allowed me to go, but I guess they thought I’d be safer amongst 50,000 other screaming little girls. Speaking of Alice Cooper, that was the first tape that I was not allowed to buy. It probably wouldn’t have been appropriate for me anyways at the ripe age of 8, but at the time it seemed tragic.

new kids on the blockSo let me ask you this, do you think that the reunion of New Kids on the Block will be a success? It sure has gotten a lot of press lately, so I guess so far so good, but do you think all of the press will equate to a successful tour? Or successful music? Because yes, they are writing a new album and recording as we speak. Rest assured though, they will be including all of their old hit singles on their set list…thank God, because where would the world be if we never got to see NKOTB perform “Hangin’ Tough” again. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh…Come on…you know it (man, they were some studs back in the day, check out that hair!) But seriously, are people going to go watch a bunch of old guys doing choreographed synchronized dances to hits of the 80s? You know what? I just might.




One response

18 10 2008
Noah G

Very impressive…I email Will my roomie about it too. He does this kinda thing too. Rock on…

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