Chiodos is featured on myspace!

2 04 2008

bonepalaceballet.jpgI’m so ahead of the game…

Today Chiodos premiered their video for “Lexington” on myspace!! (Check it out here)I didn’t have a blog at the time, but back in November I recommended them to anyone who would listen. They’ve been around for awhile, but their new CD Bone Palace Ballet is absolutely incredible. It is one of the best albums of 2007 by far. It’s hard rock at its best, using strings, pianos and of course some f’n great electric guitars and loud vocals….which are all pretty standard in hard rock, but I feel are used in a particular intelligent way on this album. I can’t say enough about Chiodos and Bone Pallace Ballet. It’s emotional, heart wrenching and perfectly balanced hard rock. If they come to San Diego, I’ll be there in half a heartbeat, even if it does mean that I am going to be stuck in a crazy mosh pit amongst a bunch of smelly chubby guys in metallica t-shirts.

estelle-the-18th-day.jpgSpeaking of myspace videos, they are also featuring “American boy” by Estelle (ft. Kanye West) and please notice that it is on my latest mix 🙂 I guess technically this song isn’t rock, indie, or alternative, but it’s good music, and that’s what I’m about. Estelle is definitely an up and coming R&B artist and the help of Kanye can’t be hurting her career. This is going to be a summer jam for sure, so check it out before it’s played out.




2 responses

27 06 2008

I luv estelle. she is so real! i also luv her song “american boy” u go estelle

30 09 2008

from the bottom of hy heart.Estelle you are so amazing..whoever in this world says that he/she hates you, it will be a lie even if it’s in a dream..
may God continue to bless you…i love you Estelle…

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