05.08-Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s – The Casbah

Have I mentioned the greatest local band I’ve ever heard?  It’s Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s.  I saw them at the Casbah on Memorial day and they killed it.  I was dead tired and had to drag myself to the show (which is very unlike me) after a long weekend, but felt totally alive as soon as they started playing.  I think of them as Radiohead meets Death Cab for Cutie, with a lot more spunk and energy. I’ve never heard so many different instruments and sounds come together so beautifully. Richard Edward’s voice is a sound for sore ears, and fit in perfectly with the carefully orchestrated instrumentation that would have sounded terribly if off by half a second, but luckily for all of us, was dead on.  An electric Violin, a sound machine, tamborines, drums, guitar…the recipe was a risk, but turned out delicious.

What a treat to see them at the Casbah, which is about the size of my living room.  I was 3 people away from the stage and eating up the music like a drunk girl at a taco shop.  Don’t get me wrong, this band could blow a crowd of thousands away in a huge venue, and I have no doubt they will if they keep on doing what they’re doing, but I feel so blessed to have been so close at the show.  My favorite song by them ever is “Skeleton Key”, and they just nailed it.  As if the song wasn’t moving enough, they found a way to bring it up another leve.  The music is sexy, hot and full of energy, though oddly soothing, and you can almost see their souls pouring out from the music.  To put it simply, the Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s show was a magical music orgy to the ears that definitely left me satisfied, but wanting more.


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